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As a water purification company, our goal is to ensure our customers access to clean and safe drinking water. We want our customers to get safe and pure drinking water whenever they need it. To ensure that we are only focusing on water purification, we have outsourced some of the tedious work.

Any work that has nothing to with water purification have been outsourced. Some tasks, such as managing social media accounts, have nothing to do with purifying water. That’s why we have a company managing all our social media accounts. Here are some other tasks we have been outsourcing:


accounting outsourcing services

We understand the importance of balancing our books. We also know that without professional accounting, our business could fail. But we also understand that running a fully-fledged accounting department is expensive. That’s why we have resulted in working with Infinit Accounting services outsourcing homepage for accounting services. With them, we have all our accounting work being handled by a third party. With this arrangement, we are saving a lot of money instead of operating an accounting department from our offices. That’s one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made as a company.

Cleaning Services

Have you ever thought of how much of our resources and time go into managing a cleaning department? If you go back to your books and check the cleaning department’s expenses, you will be shocked. That’s why we decided to hire professional cleaning services who help to keep our offices clean. We don’t have to buy cleaning supplies, employ cleaners or buy other things needed for cleaning. Outsourcing cleaning services have saved us not only money but also time. We can now focus on water management.

Managing Online Content

Website content management is another tedious task we have been outsourcing. We understand that online visibility is crucial as part of the marketing strategy. But we also understand that maintaining the website and updating with new content is a tough job. We have outsourced Virtual Assistant Thailand to manage our website content. So, we no longer have an in-house team managing our online content. The outsourced company also manages our social media profiles, newsletter and email.

A woman from an outsourced website management company

Transport Logistics

One of the biggest problems with product distribution is transport. Transport logistics includes purchasing vehicles and maintaining them. It also includes hiring drivers and other personnel needed along the entire chain. Managing transport has proven to be very difficult work for most companies. But some companies have specialized in transport and distribution services. These are the companies that we have outsourced transport to in order to distribute our purified water to customers. This has made our work easier and improved our profit margins.

Product Packaging and Logistics

Water purification will not be complete without proper packaging. But the whole process of packaging can be extremely tedious, especially when done by the same company. From buying bottles, stickers to other components, it can be a bit difficult. We therefore work with Zac Pac Packaging Solutions, a third party, to deal with packaging. They sort out water bottles, stickers and any packaging related work. This leaves us with water purification work to concentrate on.

Hiring Staff

For a long time, we had been running a human resource department for hiring staff. But the cost of hiring new staff was very high and unnecessary. We had to create time to do interviews and sort through hundreds of applications for positions. But we found that we could be more efficient if we outsource staff hiring services. Today, we have outsourced staff hiring, which has helped us streamline our services. It has saved us not only money but also time which we have now directed to innovation and water purification research. See this post for more information about why water is so beneficial.

an online job post from an outsourced staff hiring services

Landscaping Services

Last on the services we have been outsourcing is the landscaping. We understand that the face of our company is the key to our success. But we also found that landscaping the yard ourselves is very expensive both in terms of time and money. From buying landscaping machines, tools and landscapers, this cost was unnecessarily high. That’s why we have been outsourcing all landscaping and maintenance services.

Outsourcing tedious but essential works have had a positive impact on our company. We have managed to focus on water purification, hence resulting in higher productivity and profits. We are now more efficient than ever before.

water pollution

With water becoming a scarce resource, access to clean water continues to become a big challenge globally. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, more than 2.1 billion people across the world lack access to clean water. However, some countries have been identified as being the most affected by the rampant scarcity of clean water.

If you are planning to travel across the world this summer, you need to know the countries where you can find unsafe water to drink. In this guide, we have rounded some of the countries without clean water that have problems with clean water.

Here are 10 countries with a clean water crisis:

1. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the top Caribbean Islands’ tourist destination without clean water. The country offers fantastic beach experience that keeps tourists coming year through. However, the country is grappling with inadequate clean water supply, and waterborne diseases are a major problem here. For tourist are going to the Bahamas, a hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are highly recommended. However, most of the restaurants in the country offer bottled water but at an extra fee. If you are travelling to The Bahamas, stock up bottled water and avoid tap water at all costs.

2. Brazil

Brazil is one of thecountries without clean water. The Southern America country is endowed with amazing natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists from across the world every year. It is in Brazil that you find a huge chunk of the amazing Amazon forest. The weather in this country is one of the best, especially during the summers. However, access to clean water has been one of the biggest problems for decades.


Even after hosting of the 2016 Summer Olympic, things concerning access to clean water did not improve in Brazil. It is estimated that more than five million of the 207 million people in Brazil do not have access to clean water. Therefore, if you have plans to visit Brazil, avoid tap water at all costs.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine receives millions of tourists from across the world. Being one of the countries that hold a rich history of golden Europe, people come here to experience some of the fantastic architectural work that is several centuries old. However, the country has been grappling with the scarcity of clean and safe drinking water. In fact, even most of the tourists’ sites advice against drinking tap water. Most of the country's water sources are polluted by industrial run-off, making the problem worse. So, whether you are visiting Ukraine for shopping, avoid drinking tap water.

4. China


China is one of the most industrialised countries in the world. That is why their economy is growing at a very fast rate and also being of the largest exporter. However, this industrialization has left the Chinese environment badly damaged. From factories releases effluent to the rivers and lakes, it is has become very difficult to get clean drinking water. In fact, it is estimated that more than 85 percent of the Chinese cities’ rivers are polluted and unsafe for human consumption. That is why tourists coming to China are advised against drinking tap water.

5. Fiji

If you have never travelled to Fiji, then you can imagine the reasons why it among the 10 most sought-after honeymoon destinations. The country boasts of having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are looking for white beaches for your holiday or honeymoon, then Fiji is your number one destination. In addition, the country has one of the best climates, especially during the summer. However, Fiji is one of the countries without clean water in most part. If you get to Fiji, avoid drinking water from the tap.

6. Mexico

Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations without clean water. The problem is so bad that in some areas such as Southern of Cancun, locals do nor drink the water. Now you know why Mexico has become the third-largest consumers of bottled water in the world. That is how bad the situation Mexico. So do not make a mistake of drinking tap water when in Mexico.


7. Russia

You will be surprised to learn that Russia is one of the countries struggling with dirty water issues. The problem was highlighted during the 2014 Sochi Olympic, where visitors were warned against drinking tap water in their hotel rooms. There are were warning on all over the city of Sochi against drinking tap water in the city. The problem is not only in the Sochi city but almost in all parts of Russia. So, if you have plans to visit Russia, drink bottled water for your safety.

8. Taiwan

Taiwan is among the countries without clean water. Most of the water sources in Taiwan are contaminated with some of the dangerous contaminants such as arsenic, which is known for causing serious health complications. In their big cities such as Taipei, most restaurants are processing the water to make it safe for human consumption. But that does not make the water safe for drinking. So, when you get to Taiwan, avoid tap water.

9. Morocco

Morocco is one of the Northern Africa countries without clean water. The desert country has been experiencing dwindling water supply over in recent years due to weather changes, rising population, and massive pollution from industrial expansion. It is a fantastic country to visit but be careful because their tap water is not safe for drinking.

10. Thailand


Thailand is one of the most top tourist destinations without clean water. The country is one of the most visited in the world with millions of people coming to visit every year. The lack of access to clean water is mostly because of overpopulation, urbanization, and industrial expansion. That is why most of the water sources in Thailand are highly polluted. It’s a beautiful country to visit but avoid tap water even in your hotel.

There are many countries in the world which have clean water problems. So, if you are planning to tour the world, check if your destination is among countries struggling with the clean water crisis. You might find it easier to stock up bottle water with you.


Water - The Essential of all essentials

Water is one of the essentials of humankind. They say that it surpasses even the food sources in a way that you can live longer without food but with water than vice versa. It nourishes the body and brings a refreshing feel especially if you are feeling a bit tired already. It energizes you and rehydrates you which is what exactly your body needs in order for it to function. This is why it is of utmost importance to ensure that there is an abundance of water for every person in a community.

The problem now is that, due to many different factors, many fear that there will come a time when there will be a shortage of water. People in many cities around the globe suffer from water shortage so severe that they do not even have access to clean drinking water. They resort to a more creative way of getting it which endangers their lives in the process. They developed illnesses even which sends them to the hospital. This is not fair especially for those children and the elderly. Water is a basic need. Because of this, it is just appropriate for people to have access to it anytime they need it. They need not come out of their garage door in Tempe just so they can have an access to it.

The importance of water

Okeanos Tech is responsible for ensuring this. We make use of the modern technology we have now to make sure that people would have a clean water to drink. We create a source if they do not have one. We transform their current source with the help of our top of the line filtration system. What more is that we continuously develop more technological breakthroughs so that we can assist them further without the high price. Moreover, there are times when we seek the assistance of our partners so that we can install our filtration system at the lowest possible cost because we prioritize the safety of the communities that we assist over profit. Our goal is for time to come when there will be no more people who’d die and be ill due to the unclean water that they consume.

What more we can offer are ways for you to improve your water resources. We conduct here seminars and talks that will give you more information. From time to time, with the help of our partners, we also send help in the form of medical mission programs to assist people in isolated areas. We understand your struggle. We are at one with you when it comes to addressing this issue. The last thing we want is for you to lose hope and to think that you are already left behind when it comes to technological development that would improve your lives. We’ll bring technology to you. We’ll bring the light at the end of the tunnel right to your doorsteps. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss our latest updates here. We’d love to serve you.