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9 Best Small Family And Portable Water Filters In The Market Today

clean and clear water

Studies have shown that tap water is not safe for drinking. Most of the tap water contains contaminants, chemicals and pollutants making unsuitable for human consumption. That is why it is important for every household to install a water filter in Australia. These machines helps to get rid of impurities that can cause infections.

However, choosing the best small water filters or portable in the market is a difficult task. If you are feeling stuck on which water filter to purchase, we have got you covered. In this buyers guide, we have listed the best water filters in the market.  

1. Brita Marella XL Blue Jug


If you are looking for a water filter that will service small family of three people, this Brita Marellafilter is a perfect choice.  The filter is using one the powerful MAXTRA Microflow technology to remove impurities including contaminants, chemicals and other pollutants. The filter provides 2 liters of clean water but if you take out the cartridge, you can get 3.5 liters. Therefore, it’s a perfect filter for a small family and more so if you are living alone. Brita Marella XL Blue Jug water filter is selling at around $73.86 AUD on most online shops in Australia.

2. Stefani 2L Water Jug


This is another water filter designed for small families. If you are living alone or you are about three to four people in the house, this Stefani filter is the perfect water filter for you. The filter provides 2extremely clean water and that’s why it has grown popular in Australia. It provides 2 liters making it perfect for a small household. You can easily change the filter if you need to make a replacement with a new one. It is also one of the cheapest water filters in the market selling at around $27.95 AUD on most of the online stores.

3. Eight Stage 16L Water Filter


If you are looking for an affordable water filter to serve more than one person, then Eight Stage 16L Water Filter is what you need. The water filter has two compartments, where the lower and lower tanks capacity totals to 16 litres. The water filter uses eight stage carbon purification process that provides clean and clear water free of any bacterial and smells. The water filter comes with a built-in faucet so that you can drink direct from the jug. In addition, this water also helps to adjust the pH of the water to produce alkaline water which is great for the body. You can get this water filter $53.23 AUD.

4. Heppi Alkaline Water Jug


If you are looking for a small family water filters that can purify any water and produce alkaline water, this Heppi water filter would be a perfect choice. The water filter comes with an alkaline ionizing technology which gets rid of elements such as odours, chlorine, copper, lead and metals. These are some of the elements that makes water hard and taste awful. So this water filter provides clean, good tasting alkaline water. To be sure of quality water, you’ll need to replace the cartridge after three months. You get buy filter at around $81.33 AUD on most online stores.

5. Aquagear 8-Cup Water filter


This is another water filter that works excellent for small family. The water filter is designed with numerous 2-micron pores that traps all pollutants in the water as it passed through the cartridge. The powerful filter cartridge can reduce the fluoride, mercury, chloramine and other contaminants by 90 to 99%. It produces 8 cups, which is the recommend amount of water for an adult per day. Water filtering process is very fast since it takes 1.5 minutes to fill a cup. Due to its smaller size, Aquagear 8-Cup Water filter is perfect for a family of three. The water filter is selling at around $103.43 AUD online.

6. PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount


PUR 3-Stage water filter allows you to get fresh water from the faucet. The filter uses ‘one-click’ technology to provide purified and clean water. All you need to do is to press a few buttons for the filter to connect with the faucets. It’s one of the portable filters in that you can move it from one faucet to the other. It is easy to install hence make it perfect for homeowners without skills technical skills. The filter selling at around $88.78 AUD on the popular online stores in Australia.

7. Lifestraw Go Water Filter Bottle


If you love outdoor adventures, then you need to have a portable water filter to stream water and tap water along the way. If you love hiking, this Lifestra water filter is one of the best options that you have in the market. The simple and small water filter helps enough water (650mL) for you to drink when hiking or on a road trip. The water filter designed with a mouthpiece so you don’t need cup but can drink directly from the bottle. It also comes with a carabiner that attaches on your back hence making it easy to carry. The water filters is selling at around $70.73 on most online stores.

8. KatadynBeFree Water Bottle and Filter


This another water filter for people who love adventure. If you would like to invest in a water filter that will provide clean water while on the go, then KatadynBeFree Water Bottle and Filter is a perfect choice. You can fill this bottle from any water source and it will provide clean and safe water for drinking. It is very effective for removing microorganisms. It is lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. The water filter is selling at around $103.51 AUD online.

9. LifeStraw LSPHF017 Water Filter


For people who love hiking, camping, road trips and other outdoor activities, LifeStraw LSPHF017 would be the perfect Water Filter for you. The small unit is extremely easy to use and can clean and purify water from any source. The filter can remove up to 99.99 percent of the bacteria and protozoa found in water. It is one of the cheapest water filters on the go selling at around $25.85 AUD in most online stores.

If you are stuck on the best small family and portable water filters to buy, these are some of the popular options to pick from. These water filters work very well for small family and adventure enthusiasts.