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Drinking Water


I have an inquiry regarding this company. I am wondering if we can suggest a place your team can visit to help? I know this community in Mexico that has no access in safe water sources. I’m really hoping that you can help them in this dilemma.


Have you tried sending them a formal email? I think that works better and it will make your request more formal. I worked with this company before. Actually, it was not really work because I was just a volunteer. But nonetheless, I was a part of the company. I experienced going to places and helping people. It hit me hard to see them needing something I have in abundance of. This is what encouraged me in the first place to extend a hand. I wanted to share my blessings especially to those who are less fortunate.


@Cory, I know somebody from this company. I’ll call them tomorrow so that they can take a look at the place you are suggesting. For the meantime, I suggest sending them an email for formalities. @Andrew, I know what you are feeling. In fact, I felt the same thing when I first became a part of this company. It really breaks my heart to see people suffer because of the lack of safe water to drink. They suffer from illnesses that are bowel-related. There is also diarrhea and cholera. What more is that they look so malnourished for me. No one should suffer like that especially the kids and the elderly. This is why it really helped a lot that there is a company just like this to help them out. I just wish that there are more people who would volunteer to be a part of their advocacy. In that way, they would be able to help a lot more people.