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water heating installation

Gas hot water systems are widely used in Sydney because of the cheaper operating cost, among other benefits. But installing a gas system requires more than just buying and installing the unit. There are several crucial details that, if overlooked, you'll have problems like unstable hot water supply.  

Proper installation is crucial for an efficiently working gas hot water system. In this guide, we've rounded up crucial factors to consider when installing gas hot water systems. These are factors that will help you get the most out of your unit.  

Here Are 5 Factors To Consider For A Perfect Gas Hot Water Systems Installation

1. Avoid DIY Project  

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying DIY hot water installations. It's not easy to pull out a successful gas hot water heater DIY installation project. The pipework is quite complicated, and a small gas leak can cause massive damages. In fact, the cost, in the long run, might be a hundred times of what you are trying to save. So, you need skills and the right tools to do a proper installation. Work with a Sydney based plumbing company for the correct installation of the unit.

man working on a DIY house project

2. Install The Right Size  

Installing the wrong size gas hot water system comes with several challenges. If the unit is too large, it will cost you extra money to heat the water you don't need. A small unit will run out of hot water during peak hours. Buying the wrong unit size is a common problem with DIY projects. If you work with a professional plumber, they will help you get a perfect size of the gas hot water system for your home. They will consider key factors, including the number of people in the household. That's the only way to get a constant hot water supply.  

3. Ensure Proper Piping  

One of the major hazards of gas hot water systems is gas leaks. Whether you are using LPG or natural gas, it's poisonous and thus can cause serious health issues. Similarly, if there is a gas leak, it can cause fire damages. You must have heard of house fires caused by gas leaks even here in Sydney. Gas fires are so vicious that they could wipe out your entire house. That's why the piping installation is crucial for your safety and that of the property. Work with a skilled and experienced plumber for professional gas piping installation. Working with a plumber helps to eradicate the problem of incompatible metals in the system.  

4. Install Overflow Valve  

The two major concerns of hot water systems are excess pressure and temperature. When the water in the tank is heated, it creates high pressure and heat in the tank. If not controlled, they can cause the tank to explode. This means replacing with a new unit, which can be very expensive, especially if it was new. So, install an overflow valve to release high heat and pressure inside the tank. Work with a plumber for the installation of pressure and temperature overflow valves. They will help you buy the right overflow valve for your unit.  

gas pipeline setup

5. Unit's Energy Efficiency  

Energy efficiency is another crucial factor when installing a gas water heater. The level of efficiency determines several things, including utility cost, lifespan, among others. Invest in an energy-efficient system. All hot water system sold in Australia comes with an energy efficiency rating. So, it will be easy to choose in the market. But it's easier to use the help of a professional plumber to choose the most efficient unit for your home.   

These are some of the most crucial factors to consider when installing gas hot water systems. We recommend working with plumbing professionals in Sydney like Off Tap Plumbing. They offer quality installation work at an affordable cost. 

You must have noticed an increased use in solar hot water systems in Indooroopilly, Kenmore, Tennyson, Chapel Hill, and others. The demand for these water heaters is growing at a fast rate compared to a few years back. So, what's causing this demand?

Well, some reasons can explain why homeowners and commercial properties are going for solar water heater system. Experts at Hot Water Brisbane have provided us with the following factors that are creating this demand. They include:

solar hot water

Environmental Awareness

Australians are more aware of environmental degradation today than ever before. The recent intense bush fires have shown us how bad is global warming can be. That's why people are now trying to use clean energy. The plumbing pros at Hot Water Brisbane have commented on the increased number of inquiries with regards to solar power hot water plumber installations in areas such as Indooroopilly, Kenmore, Tennyson, Chapel Hill, and Kenmore Hills.

Plumbing technician Jeff suggested that the rising popularity of environmentally-friendly energy sources and campaigning in those areas have played a part in residences and commercial properties requesting for solar-powered hot water systems.

Availability of Solar System

According to Jeff, a plumbing technician with Hot Water Brisbane, the solar hot water systems are more available than ever before. A decade ago, only a few brands were producing these types of water heaters worldwide. But with the growing demand for green energy, more manufacturers have come up.

woker fixing solar hot water system

So, today, you enter a store in Brisbane and come out with a solar-powered water heater system. So, the ease of access to these types of hot water systems is one reason for the new demand. That never used to happen a while back. In some cases, you needed to place an order with the manufacturer for the unit to be constructed.

Government Incentives

The Australian government is giving incentives to residents investing in clean energy. Most homeowners are applying for the STCs. It is a government scheme that provides financial incentives for people installing clean energy.

So, you will get back some of the money you invested in a solar-powered hot water system. This is a big factor that is driving more and more Brisbane residents to install solar hot water systems. If you can get back thousands of dollars after installing this system, why not replace the old gas system with a solar-powered model?

panel cells of solar hot water system

Availability of Solar Energy

In Brisbane, we have no shortage of solar energy. We have plenty of sunshine almost year-round, which is the energy need by these hot water systems to heat water. So, any technology that utilises solar energy will do very in this part of the country. This includes solar hot water systems.

The only time that you might need a backup is some days in winter when the sun might be weak. But for the other seasons of the years, you are guaranteed to get a constant supply of hot water from the unit. So, the availability of sunlight in Australia is one of the factors fueling demand for these water heaters.

Improved Efficiency

Unlike the first solar-powered hot water systems, today, we have some of the most efficient models. According to Jeff, solar hot water systems released a decade ago were super inefficient. They couldn't get the water hot during the fall and winter seasons. That's why the uptake by the market was not good.

The modern solar-powered hot water systems are designed to maximise heat absorption. The new models come with high-efficiency evacuation tubes, which maximises solar heat absorption. So, they can heat water even during fall and winter. The insulated tank keeps the water hot for a long time. So, if your home water demand is not big, the tank can supply hot water for the whole night.

hot water powered by solar energy

Free Energy

Have you ever imagined how your energy bill would look like if you remove the water heater? Well, you can be sure that more than 30% will be slashed. That's the motivation driving Kenmore and other Brisbane suburbs to install these units.

Solar energy is available for free. It's a gift from nature that costs you nothing. After installation, you will enjoy a constant supply of hot water at zero heating costs. This will have a huge impact on your finance in the long run - you will be saving a lot of money.

Low Maintenance Cost

There is no doubt that a solar-powered hot water system is one of the most expensive water heaters. It might also cost you more to install compared to the electric models. That's unless you get financial incentives from the government. But Jeff mentioned that it is one of the cheapest water heaters to maintain.

fillng a tub with hot water powered by solar hot water system

One thing about these hot water systems is you don't need frequent maintenances. They do not have moving or heating parts like gas and electric models. So, their rate of wear and tear is very low. That's how the cost of maintaining these units is one of the lowest in the market.

In conclusion, the solar-powered hot water system is the future. The fact it uses clean energy makes the planet safer. With advancing technology, we expect more improvement to make these units better. With time, they might wipe out the gas and electric hot water systems.